ZERO Blades DIARC Ice Hockey Blades

Product code: zero-diarc-skate-blades


DIARC diamond coating is a Finnish innovation. The hardness of the coating is 50 GPa and this brings an extremely exceptional durability and extremely low friction to the edge of the blade.

The coating process, which takes place at temperatures below 100 degrees, ensures that the optimized hardness of the blade remains unchanged. Zero grinding and polishing process is also unique. These processes ensure that the Zero blades are sharp from the start and not rounded like many other blades. With Zero blades you can raise your groove (lower groove) and thus improve your glide. The incredible durability of the edges is the reason why many pro players have chosen Zero.

Weight 0,31 kg
Blade size

212/215, 221, 230, 238, 246/247, 255/256, 263, 272/272, 280, 288/287, 296/295, 306/304


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