Tackla Back Support ML Magnetic

Product code: 3338140468-magntuki


This support belt has been developed in collaboration with Tackla and Fitness Manager Markku Lehtisyrjä. Use of the product is intended to eliminate the lower back muscle strain, muscle cramps, and reduce the pressure on the discs in facilitating the nerve / muscle pain, support the spine, improve posture and prevent back injuries in sports. Magnetic version has 8 pain reducing magnets on the back. Magnets are not removable. Magnets ease the pain and increase the metabolism in the area and therefore aid the healing process.

SIZES: S = 70 – 80 cm, M = 80 – 90 cm, L = 90 – 100 cm, XL = 100 – 110 cm, XXL = 110 – 120 cm, XXXL 120 – 130 cm

Back Support ML Magnetic instructions: Moisten slightly the red magnetic zones with a damp cloth. Attach belt against the skin aligning magnets to both sides of the spine. Leave the belt for 1-2 hours a day. If you feel burning sensation in the area of magnets, remove the belt momentarily or put a thin shirt/cloth in between the belt and your back. NOTE! Don’t use magnetic belt if you have a pace maker, metal inside your body or you are pregnant. For children, use only as instructed by your pediatrician, physician or therapist.

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